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Oct 12, 2016 - May 10, 2017 | 12:30p

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#BKArtHome Conversations

This season, as we reflect with young artists on Home in the Time of Brooklyn, we’re inviting our online audience to join the conversation. Chat with us on Twitter every 2nd Wednesday from 12:30-1:30pm. We’ll be investigating creative practice, defining home, and reflecting on Brooklyn’s past, present, and future. Grab your lunch and follow along on #BKArtHome.

  • October 12: Defining Our Art Home - What makes you feel at home or welcome in an artistic space? What do you need to create? Join 651 ARTS as we discuss and dream of the homes that make our art possible.  Missed it?  Check out the conversation here.
  • November 9: Investigating Institutions - What do you need from arts institutions? What does support actually look like? What are your struggles and dreams for institutional partnerships? Join 651 ARTS as we investigate the role of institutions in supporting artists and their visions.  Missed it?  Check out the conversation here.
  • December 14: Reflecting on Resources - What is the cost of creating and community building? Can artists create without capital? What are the resources artists have and what do they need? Join 651 ARTS as we explore all the things necessary for artists to make their work.  Missed it?  Check out the conversation here.
  • January 11: Ask An Artist… - How do artists ask clearly for what they need? What can artists offer to a space? Following exciting conversations on institutions and resources, 651 ARTS invites artists to reflect on their role in building and supporting the homes we collectively dream of.  Missed it?  Check out the conversation here.
  • February 8: Bringin’ It Back To Love - To honor our 2014-15 think-tank, Love in the Time of Brooklyn, we’re chatting about how we love. How do we love in Brooklyn? How do we love when we feel like we’re lacking? How do we love with accountability? Join us as we spread a lil’ love. After all, it is the Brooklyn way.  Missed it?  Check out the conversation here.
  • March 8: Marinating in Our Memories - Where do you come from? What are you carrying with you and what are you leaving behind? This month’s dialogue dives into our collective memory and invites us to look back to move forward.
  • April 12: Collaborating and Co-Creating - What does healthy collaboration look like? How do we work together? Join 651 ARTS in a conversation investigating our visions, goals, and even some frustrations with creative collaboration.  Missed it?  Check out the conversation here.
  • May 10: Celebrating Our Art Home - As we culminate our Home in the Time of Brooklyn think-tank, we want to celebrate and share the work that we’ve done. 651 ARTS will be joined by a few think-tank participants to share and discuss the #BKArtHome that was dreamed up this season.  Missed it?  Check out the conversation here.

Stay tuned for archives of each conversation.

What's New?

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651 ARTS and MoCADA (the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts) announce that the two organizations are joining forces to create a new contemporary arts institution.

6-5-1: Gesel Mason

6-5-1: An interview with Gesel Mason, visionary/choreographer of No Boundaries: Dancing the Visions of Contemporary Black Choreographers.

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