Event Photo Brooklyn ‘63

Tickets: $20


Fri, May 24 | 7:30PM


Sat, May 25 | 7:30PM

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts

LIU Brooklyn
Flatbush between DeKalb and Willoughby

Brooklyn ‘63

A theatrical performance that will provide a lens into a time when the fabric of the Brooklyn community was being shaped by the radical social changes occurring throughout the nation. Ping Chong + Company will use the Undesirable Elements process to give voice and help to excavate a forgotten history of community and social activism that crossed racial, religious and ethnic lines to bring about change to an increasingly diverse community, one striving to overcome decades of injustice and neglect.

About the Artists: Ping Chong + Company

Ping Chong is a world-renowned theater director, choreographer, and visual installation artist. He founded Ping Chong + Company in 1975, which has since created over 50 productions that have been presented at major venues around the world.

Talvin Wilks

Talvin Wilks is an award-winning director and dramaturg. He has collaborated with Ping Chong on nine Undesirable Elements productions, including Delta Rising!, 651 ARTS celebration of the Mississippi Delta.

What's New?

Black Joy Meets #BlackArtNOW

...Black art is not only a record of our existence, it is a space of reckoning with it as well. It is an opportunity to make sense of where we have come, where we are and where we can be.

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