Event Photo Look Back, Dance Forward: TALES OF HOME | Congo/Mozambique

Tickets: $20 Advance, $25 Door


Fri, Oct 24 | 8 pm


Sat, Oct 25 | 8 pm

Co-presented by BRIC. US tour produced by MAPP International Prod. in partnership with The Africa Contemporary Arts Consortium.

BRIC House Ballroom

647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Look Back, Dance Forward: TALES OF HOME | Congo/Mozambique

A two-evening program with works by Faustin Linyekula (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Panaibra Gabriel Canda (Mozambique).

I am Kabako, my name is Kabako, again Kabako, always Kabako. - Faustin Linyekula, Le Cargo

My name is Panaibra Gabriel Canda. The son of Gabriel Canda, a Marrabante singer and guitar player born in Inhambana—immigrated to Lourenco Marques, today Maputo; my mother was a dress maker, and protestant, together they had four kids… - Panaibra Canda, The Marrabenta Solos

So begins each work in Look Back, Dance Forward: TALES OF HOME | Congo/Mozambique—a unique two-evening program of dance-theater featuring extraordinary contemporary artists from the African continent. In both full length works, Linyekula and Canda grapple with the complex histories of their countries by re-igniting memories of and/or experiences with their fathers. They present, in very different ways, intimate, and personal points of view on colonialized Africa, on their home countries, on family and national histories, and on our global society—and in the process, reveal the rigor and passions of their contemporary lives.

About the Artists

Linyekula and Canda are internationally recognized artists who play vital roles in their communities. Beyond their aesthetic inquiries, they share a certain perspective on their society, on their histories, on their peculiar contexts; and they share a vision of the artist-citizen and of what a society could/should be…one day.

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