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A Student Perspective on What is #BlackArtNOW?​​

By 651 ARTS on January 31, 2018

BlackArtNOW is a platform and community where Black artists showcase the story behind their creations. Art is the expression of a human’s creative imagination, which can be displayed in various forms. These forms include works that are created to display emotional power or just to be looked at in mere awe. BlackArtNOW is a place where any Black artist can come spread their culture through their creations while also uplifting other forms of art.

BlackArtNOW is being contributed to by thousands of artists who are invested in change. Hatred plays a key role in social issues, making it an immediate threat to cultural diffusion. There is a lack of communication between races, which creates a gap that serves as an outlet for discrimination and violence. The role of the artist is to fill that gap using their artwork, and convey their culture in methods that anyone can understand. Creations that raise awareness about issues regarding social justice and inequality spark my interest, while at the same time contributing to a much greater cause. I am particularly interested in art that addresses racial discrimination and police brutality towards people of color. BlackArtNOW offers an opportunity to amplify the works of artists who address these issues through creative freedom.

BlackArtNOW is also an opportunity for young artists of the next generation. This is a stepping stone to building a platform where all youth are welcome. Because of this, adults and teens can become involved in creating their own pieces and communicating about social issues in a new light.

Collaboration is the key to Black ingenuity. In order to create something divergent from what we consider ordinary, Black creatives are forming partnerships with artists like themselves and creating relationships that lift up each other’s work. Being alone in this world is cold, but with support anything can be accomplished. When people begin to lift each other up, then they can come together to create something bigger. Black is beauty. Creating art from this culture is making our roots stronger. Black artists are more than ordinary; they think outside the box and wholeheartedly believe in where they rose from.

As an artist and a firm believer in social equality, I see Black art flourishing in the twenty-first century in America. The beauty and creativity of Black culture is apparent in today’s media. When Black artists are creating, they are influenced by their roots, they explore the depth within their culture, and they recognize their imperative role in fighting oppression. These artists return to their origins. From there these artists blossom from fresh and raw creativity. They discover that the universe of Black beauty sets them apart and supports their thriving.

About Anamica Rahman

Anamica Rahman

Anamica Rahman, born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, is a current senior who attends Thomas A. Edison High School. Her interests begin with graphic design and art history, among more. She has knowledge in graphic design, Adobe InDesign and is certified in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. With her free time she volunteers at Cooper Union’s Saturday Art Program and recently she’s been involved with organizations such as Bloomberg L.P., Apollo Theater and 651 ARTS. Her goals are to inspire others and gain a valuable experience from wherever a journey guides her.

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