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6-5-1: Nora Chipaumire and Shamar Watt

By 651 ARTS on September 28, 2016

Inspired by our 6-5-1 Interview series, this conversation features choreographer Nora Chipaumire and performer Shamar Watt who recently took the stage in portrait of myself as my father as a part of BAM’s Next Wave Festival. We invite you to get to know more about these artists in this variation with six questions, five minutes, and two artists.

  1. What’s your morning routine?
    • Nora Chipaumire (NC): Coffee and quietness. Coffee and the ocean.
  2. How do you define home?
    • NC: Family

      Shamar Watt (SW): I define home as: the first institution one enters this world through. Home is the core that creates the ripple effect in society and culture. Home is the beginning and end to all things. Home is where my soul and spirit resides; home is the linkage through blood. Home is a place; home is nowhere on this earth; home is eternal.

      Home is the institution one grapples and negotiates without choice and for the rest of one’s life. Home is what/who shaped who you are. The Home is a complex idea/institution, also the most interesting institution to unpack and instigate. Home reveals who you are and going home is the best service one can give to humanity because home is the core. When you investigate the core you see the good, bad, and ugly, and you start to change yourself (or not) and that consciousness links to all of humanity ‘cause that core is linked to everything that exists. Home. is a Specific food, sound, space, people, spirit, soul, belief.
  3. What’s your fondest memory of home?
    • SW: In Miami, my parents didn’t have any electricity ‘cause they couldn’t afford to pay it. We (three brothers, and parents) couldn’t cook so my father bought oxtail with rice and peas, and we lit candles and almost burned down the house. We sung songs, joked and laughed, and gave thanks to God. That was the most joy I’ve felt in a situation such as that. The oxtail with rice and peas that night was the sweetest it has ever been.
  4. If you could visit any place in the world where would it be and why?
    • NC: Zimbabwe, because it is both home and family.
  5. Can you share a few contemporary performing artists that inspire you, both seasoned elders and emerging young creatives?
    • NC: None in dance, but I enjoy the work of Wangechi Mutu (visual artist), NoViolet Bulawayo (writer), and Nastio mosquito (visual artist).

    651 ARTS would like to thank Nora Chipaumire and Shamar Watt for answering our questions that give a better glimpse of the artists we present. Stay tuned for more artist interviews. Keep up with 651 ARTS by following us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the links to the right.

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