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6-5-1: Colman Domingo

By 651 ARTS on September 28, 2015

In an effort to help our audience know more about the artists 651 ARTS presents, we have developed the 6-5-1 Interview—six questions, five minutes, one artist. This interview spotlights Live & Outspoken discussant Colman Domingo.

  1. What’s your morning routine?
    • I grab my phone and check email and facebook. Then coffee, a healthy juice, gym.
  2. What’s your fondest memory of being a Black child?
    • Listening to my family laugh. Actually roar. Everyone talking on top of the other and being amazed that I could hear every note.
  3. How do you define Classically Black?
    • It means what ever it means to you. I am classically black because I know my history and all of its colors. I play them like a melody.
  4. If you could visit any place in the world where would it be and why?
    • I would visit the soil of my ancestors. The actual village. The beginnings of my bloodline. Just to say thank you.
  5. What’s going to be fly, fresh and fun about being a Black person in 50 years?
    • Super Intelligence.
  6. How do you love?
    • Like there is no tomorrow.

651 ARTS would like to thank Colman Domingo for answering our six questions that give a better glimpse of the artists we present. Stay tuned for more artist interviews. Keep up with 651 ARTS by following us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the links to the right.





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