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6-5-1: Dianne McIntyre

By 651 ARTS on February 11, 2014

In an effort to help our audience know more about the artists 651 ARTS presents, we have developed the 6-5-1 Interview—six questions, five minutes, one artist. This interview spotlights modern dance choreographer/dancer, Dianne McIntyre. Dianne will be a part of our Live & Outspoken series interviewed by international choreographer/dancer, Sarita Allen. For more information about Dianne including her full bio, Sarita or the Live & Outspoken event click here.

  1. Where were you born & raised - City/State/Country?
    • I was born and raised in Cleveland, OH, USA.


  2. What’s your morning routine?
    • In the morning at my home base in Cleveland, I get up, help my mother get up and situated, get my mother’s breakfast, get my own shower, read a contemplation for the day, meditate, eat my breakfast, exercise and begin doing tasks on my list of answering emails, planning rehearsals and classes, errands. On the road it is the same except someone else is at the house assisting my mother—my sister and others.


  3. What qualities in a person do you admire and despise?
    • I really like when a person offers a helping hand without being asked (observant and generous). Also I like when a person is sensitive to a situation and acts accordingly (not too aggressive and not too laid back for the moment). Thirdly, I admire an energy of “going for it” even in the face of impossible obstacles, while still being kind. One quality I do not admire (I wouldn’t say despise, however), is obliviousness - being self-absorbed with not a clue what is happening right around you.  I also do not care for sneakiness - having a pre-meditated undermining goal, but acting like you have another helpful motive in mind.


  4. If you weren’t a Choreographer/Dancer, what would you be doing?
    • I would be an anthropologist or a non-fiction writer about people’s histories.  I love digging into history, interviewing people and also learning about the essence of various cultures.


  5. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    • I really like to watch old movies usually black and white movies from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s on television in the middle of the night. However I hardly ever get to do this maybe once a year.


  6. If you could work on any project or with any artist (dead or alive) who or what would it be and why?
    • One project that did not materialize that I had longed to do was a duet with Gregory Hines.  We had actually talked about it very briefly with the wonderful Sali Ann Kriegsman.  The rhythm of the tap and the rhythm of the modern dance merged together.  In my dances I work with the body as a musical instrument.  It is the same take-off point as tap, just a different result.

651 ARTS would like to thank our long time friend, Dianne McIntyre, for answering our six questions that give a better glimpse of the artists we present. Stay tuned for more artist interviews. Keep up with 651 ARTS by downloading our app from Google Play or the Apple Store or follow us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the links to the right.





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