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6-5-1: Jaamil Kosoko

By 651 ARTS on October 12, 2015

In an effort to help our audience know more about 651 ARTS, we have developed the 6-5-1 Interview—six questions, five minutes, one artist. This interview spotlights 651 ARTS Associate Producer Jaamil Kosoko.

  1. What’s your morning routine?
    • I sit still and give thanks for another day. Kiss my partner. Make a cup of tea. Check email. Shower and shave, then pull out something to wear. Prepare my bag for the day. Take a mixed half shot of lemon juice, oregano oil, and apple cider vinegar.  Load a podcast for my morning commute to work or rehearsal.
  2. What’s your fondest memory of being a Black child?
    • My grandmother’s sweet potato pie and road trips down south with my grandpa.
  3. How do you define Classically Black?
    • It’s an undefinable space that offers infinite possibility for fearless being and ability. I believe it is a space that disrupts and destabilizes what might be considered as normalized Eurocentric constructs. And lastly, it is an ever expanding landscape or environment involved in the constant act of recontextualizing itself.
  4. If you could visit any place in the world where would it be and why?
    • I need to go to Africa. I mean I need to do a multi-month long trip and travel the entire continent.
  5. What’s going to be fly, fresh and fun about being a Black person in 50 years?
    • The same thing that has always kept Black culture fly, fresh, and fun. We continue to inspire and create major innovations throughout the world.
  6. How do you love?
    • As fully as my body will allow.

651 ARTS would like to thank Jaamil Kosoko for answering our six questions that give a better glimpse of who we are. Stay tuned for more interviews. Keep up with 651 ARTS by following us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the links to the right.





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