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6-5-1: Sydnie L. Mosley and André Zachery

By 651 ARTS on February 27, 2017

Inspired by our 6-5-1 Interview series, this conversation features New Media & Arts Fellowship (NMAF) facilitators Sydnie L. Mosley and André Zachery. The NMAF 2017 cohort is now gathering and we invite you to follow the amazing youth on Twitter @NMAFbklyn, on Instagram @NMAFbk, or visit nmaf.tumblr.com to see what they’re up to this season!

  1. What’s your morning routine?
    • Sydnie L. Mosley (SLM): I don’t have a morning routine! Every day is different, but the one thing my day can’t start without is COFFEE!

      André Zachary (AZ): In the mornings I usually hit the snooze once because I set the alarm for earlier than I need to get started. Then I have a glass of water, start the coffee and wash. Sometimes I have a moment to meditate. From there I check my calendar, eat and prepare to leave the house.


  2. How do you define home?
    • SLM: Home is Baltimore. Home is Harlem. Home is where my friends and family are. Home is dancing. Home is where the meals have been prepared with love.

      AZ: Home is a space where I am nurtured physically, mentally, spiritually and I give back that same nurturing to others. Home is my investment into a space of learning, health, laughter and sustainable living. Home is a place of growth and endless possibility.


  3. What’s your fondest memory of home?
    • SLM: I think fondly of walking across the street from my parent’s house to my grandparent’s home in Baltimore, every Sunday for family dinner.

      AZ: My fondest memory of home is from my times in Chicago with my Mother and younger brother and in Atlanta with my Father and sister and other brother. They gave me a sense of purpose and connection to my ancestors.


  4. What gives you hope?
    • SLM: I’m eternally hopeful, eternally optimistic. Nothing outside of myself gives me hope. It comes from within.

      AZ: My hope is built from the honoring of my ancestors. Because of them we can… Hope is also built from my connections with my community of artists, thinkers and leaders in respective fields.


  5. How do you love?
    • SLM: Unconditionally, for all time.

      AZ:  I love in stages! At first I love when I find a connection. Then I grow to understand the value. From there I learn to love with patience and in midst of all things good and bad. And finally, I grow into an unconditional love that transcends time and space.

651 ARTS would like to thank Sydnie L. Mosley and André Zachery for answering our questions that give a better glimpse of the artists we present. Stay tuned for more artist interviews. Keep up with 651 ARTS by following us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the links to the right.





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